Sabrina Martinez


Sabrina stands about 5'4", with a slight build, slender, an oval-shaped face, medium length dark brown, wavy hair and naturally olive-toned skin. Her eyes are dark brown, almost black. She's probably in her mid-late teens but can make herself look much older. She has several tattoos, but mostly they're small and reasonably tasteful; a ring of roses about her left ankle, angel's wings on the back of her neck, the letters CDGF over what looks like a set of vertical bar-code lines on her right shoulder. She also has an elaborate tattoo of a dragon wrapped around a crystal ball on the small of her back, but the design seems to have been marred by several other scars that look like brands with elaborate designs, ranging in size from a dime to a half-dollar.

Lacey Chabert

Public Demeanor/Personality:

In general, Sabrina tends to be someone who comes off as very angry and hostile with a chip on her shoulder and a grudge against the world. She tends to be very distrustful of strangers and new people, getting antagonistic and caustic very quickly. She's not very good at hiding her feelings, something she's very aware of and often frustrated by. To complicate matters, she generally loses her temper very quickly and doesn't often show any hesitation for getting violent. Despite her anger and antagonistic violence, most often she seems to be the one that ends up getting hurt, a victim of her own bitterness and rage. Her anger often takes ascendancy over common sense, leading her to keep goading and mouthing off long after she's lost any advantage she might have had over the situation. Though not easily earned, once her trust has been given she can be extremely loyal, often going very far out of her way to make gestures of friendship which might not even be noticed. She's more than willing to put herself in situations where she's likely to be hurt if she thinks it'll help a friend out. No matter how angry she gets, she never would do anything violent to anyone that's earned her trust, though. At other times, she shows a pensive side, often spending time with those that she trusts without speaking at all, preferring to sit in the background and just passively watch or brood; like she wants company though she may not have anything to say. When she's in a more gregarious mood, she can be quite charming and quick-witted, though her sense of humor is often perverse and a little bit twisted.

Publicly Known History:

She's been liberated from her parents for a couple years now, though she generally prefers not to talk about them if at all possible. She seems to hold a particularly bitter view of her mother and older brother and almost never speaks of her father. After leaving her parent's home when she was thirteen or fourteen, she lived on the streets of the San Franciso Bay Area for a few months before finding her way into more shady, ethically questionable social circles. She associated with them for nearly a year before she ran into some sort of trouble and was forced to relocate north to Happy Valley. Her facility with languages allows her to run in very diverse circles (Chinese, Viets, Russian, etc) and to occasionally play tour guide to foreigners. In general, she does errands for her old associates in addition to whatever other odd jobs that she can find, though her youth and general temprament prevent work of any especially serious or lucrative sort from falling in her lap. Though she's had a couple of run-ins with Happy Valley PD, she's never been formally arrested or charged with anything. That's how she met Lindsey. She was brought into the station and eventually handed over to Lindsey rather than waste county time and money trying to convict her of some petty, self-destructive crime. While Lindsey was never formally made Sabrina's case worker, they seem to have established a working relationship which has, over the last several months, mellowed Sabrina out somewhat. Sabrina has taken it upon herself to sort of look out for Lindsey and make sure that she occasionally goes out and has fun rather than bury herself in her work. She wants desperately to pursue a modelling career, to break out of her gritty urban lifestyle to something more glamorous and larger-than-life. At the start of things, she's been away from HV for several days on a photoshoot for a prestigious magazine (she was very emphatic when she repeatedly mentioned that it was a magazine that everyone knows about, and that they're doing a casting call in San Francisco, and that this might be her shot).

Tie Ins:

Nate: Sabrina met Nathan when they both lived back in the San Francisco/Bay Area. She met him as a result of business concerns -- an associate introduced them, and Nathan's contacts proved to be pretty useful to Sabrina. When Sabrina moved to HV a few months after Nathan, she chose to look him up and re-establish their friendship -- incidentally re-establishing some of their semi-professional ties as well. They often hang out and socialize -- it was Sabrina that introduced Nathan to Vivian and the Scrying Pool -- often going to a variety of parties and nightclubs in each other's company. They are not dating however, they're just good friends. Lindsey: Sabrina was referred to Lindsey after having a run-in with the JC campus security. She managed to talk them into referring her to a counselor (Lindsey, as it were) rather than calling her parents or prosecuting her. Though Lindsey didn't take the case formally, she did maintain the association with Sabrina, eventually indirectly introducing her to Hamilton. They've maintained contact, with Sabrina often spending time at Lindsey's place -- even to the point that Sabrina has a key to Lindsey's house. Walter: Walter met Sabrina at an Oakland party, where someone slipped something into her drink. When he realized what had happened, he quickly intervened on her and Nate's behalf. She and Walter have struck up a strange sort of friendship, with him often serving as a calming influence over Sabrina (she likely has a small crush on him). Initially she was fascinated by the fact that he often slept out in the park across the street from Lindsey's house -- Sabrina is NOT an outdoorsy person, and doesn't understand his desire to sleep under the stars and the open sky. They often go to clubs and parties together as a trio with Nate. Hamilton: Sabrina met Hamilton as a result of her association with Lindsey. Much of their initial association was a result of Hamilton inviting Vivian out to lunch, then suffering Sabrina's presence when she opted to take him up on his invitations. After awhile they starting hanging out on a more casual basis, though they actually became something approaching friends after she intervened on Hamilton's behalf when one of his old Highschool enemies started giving him hassle when they were hanging out. Since then, she sort of tries to take a big-sisterly role, making a point of broadening Hamilton's horizons at every opportunity.

A Sampling of Sabrina's CD Collection

Eternally black In limbo I'm trapped In silence I sound a plea Light is no more I feel not a thing Undead, I need to break free - Dark Angel Korn - Follow the Leader Dimmu Borgir - For All Tid Limp Bizkit - Significant Other 2pac - Greatest Hits Metallica - Ride the Lightning, ...And Justice for All Blue Oyster Cult - Career of Evil Slayer - Reign in Blood Guns n' Roses - Appetite for Destruction, Use Your Illusion I && II Pink Floyd - Animals, The Wall Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Siamese Dream Body Count - Body Count Downset - Do We Speak A Dead Language? Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine, Downward Spiral Faith No More - This Is It:Best of FNM Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse Hole - Live Through This Sublime - Sublime AC/DC - Back In Black Dark Angel - Darkness Descends White Zombie - La Sexorcisto Tool - Undertow Sepultura - Beneath the Remains Queensryche - Operation:Mindcrime Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Meshuggah - Nothing

Sabrina's Class Schedule (spring 03)

MW 1:00-2:30 Jazz Dance Prof. Silver in the Hermann Gymnasium T 1:00-4:00 Performing and Visual Arts workshop Prof. Wisely in the Welsh Auditorium for Performing Arts (in the Welsh Annex building) MWF 2:30-4:00 Conversational Japanese Prof. Okamura in the Language Adjunct Building on the North Eastern side of campus Th 1:00-4:00 Theory/Practice Acting I Prof. Balwin in the Welsh Auditorium for the Performing Arts (in the underground rehearsal stage)