The Sailor Moon MIDI Bank


Songs from the original Japanese Sailormoon anime

Filename Song Title / Description Author Modified by
COSMICGS Cosmic Moon Power, Make Up! (from S series) ?  
DONTFEAR Hotaru sees Eternal Sailor Moon (Sailor Stars ep.1) ST  
DOUSE Kyoufu, Kiki, Mercury no Tojou (thanks Mamochan) ST  
ETERNAL Eternal Sailor Moon BGM Bomi Lee  
FLYMOON Fly Me to the Moon Frank Lin  
GB_MARS Mars's song in SMR Gameboy Game Ryoga  
HEART_~1 Heart Moving ?  
HEARTM_1 Heart Moving ?  
JP_TUX Tuxedo Kamen BGM Ryoga  
LASLDIER La Soldier ?  
LSOLDIER Ai no Senshi Frank Lin  
MERCURY Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte (Sharing the Same Tears) ST  
MOON Moonlight Densetsu Sandra Chan  
MOON_BOX Sailor Moon's Locket Sandra Chan  
MOONREV Moon Revenge (R movie ending song) ST  
MORNING8 Approach the Beautiful Morning Frank Lin  
ONEOFUS5 Watashitachi ni Naritakute Frank Lin  
POLICY21 Otome no Policy (A Maiden's Policy, R ending theme) ?  
REVENGE1 Moon Revenge (R movie ending song) ?  
SATURN Sailor Saturn meets Sailor Moon (from S) ST  
SERAMUN Moonlight Densetsu ?  
SM_ALW~1 Kaze ni Naitai (I want to become the wind) [Sailor Uranus Image Song] Benny Fuentes  
SM_CLARI Sanji no Yousei (Three O'Clock Fairy, SuperS movie) Christian Archambault  
SM_FATE Unmei wa Utsukushiku (Fate is so Beautiful) [Sailor Neptune Image Song] Bomi Lee  
SM_FS Fire Soul Love Bomi Lee  
SM_OP2 Sailor Stars extended opening ?  
ASH_CHC Cosmic Moon Power Make-up! (from S) ? Ashley
ASH_STAR Starlights make-up Bomi Lee Ashley
SM-LEG~1 Moonlight Densetsu ?  
SM-TDEN Moonlight Densetsu (Tango version) Benny Fuentes  
SM-107 German Sailor Moon Theme Master Mitch  
SM-108 Kaze ni Naritai Tai v2.0 Benny Fuentes  
SM-109 Heart Moving Benny Fuentes  
SM204 Hottokenai yo (I can't leave you alone) ?  
SM206 Tuxedo Knight ?  
SM208 tsukini kawatte oshiokiyo (In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!) ?  
SM303 Yume Miru Dakeja Dame (Just Dreaming of You) ?  
SM315 You are just my Love ?  
SM534 Watashitachi ni naritakute ?  
SM605 Watashitachi ni naritakute ?  
SM703 Ai no senshi ?  
SMR_OSN Eien no Melody (Eternal Melody) Bomi Lee  
SMR_0903 BGM (very Chibi-Usa like) ?  
SMR209 Ai no Senshi (Warrior of Love) ?  
SMRM102 Moon Revenge (R movie ending song) ?  
SMS4000 Death busters no Yahou (The Ambitions of the Death Busters) ?  
SMS5000 Tenou Haruka to Kaiou Michiru ?  
SMSSS Sailorstar Song ?  
SM_SATRN BGM when Sailor Saturn talks to Sailor Moon Bomi Lee  
SMSTARED Sailor Stars ending Bomi Lee  
SMSTAROP Sailorstar Song (opening theme) Bomi Lee  
SMTTHEME Sailor Moon Team's Theme Bomi Lee  
SM_ENG1 Moonlight Densetsu ?  
SM_MIRAG Tuxedo Mirage Bomi Lee  
SM_RTVNS Route Venus Bomi Lee  
SOMEDAY5 Someday... Somebody... ?  
STAR_TR Sailor Stars Make-up BGM Bomi Lee  
STAR_TR2 Sailor Stars Make-up BGM Bomi Lee ?
STAREND Sailor Stars ending ?  
STARHIME Princess Kakyuu's Theme (from Sailor Stars) Bomi Lee  
STARS1 Sailorstar Song ?  
STARS2 Sailorstar Song ?  
STARSONG Sailorstar Song ST  
S_MOONS1 Outer senshi make-up music ?  
Y8 BGM Ironmouse  
YUMEWO_1 Don't Tease My Dreams (Chibimoon) ?  


Songs from the Cantonese dub

SAILMOON Cantonese intro song (TVB) ?  
ASH_CSM Cantonese intro song (TVB) ? Ashley


Songs from the English dub

ASH_AND A New Day Bomi Lee Ashley
ASH_CMN Call My Name (and I'll be there) Bomi Lee Ashley
ASH_CO Carry On Bomi Lee Ashley
ASH_OMA Only A Memory Away Bomi Lee Ashley
ASH_RDM Rainy Day Man Bomi Lee Ashley
ASH_SGTP She's Got the Power Bomi Lee Ashley
ASH_SMTH Theme song Bomi Lee Ashley
LUNA Luna's BGM Bomi Lee  
MOLOVE My Only Love ?  
MOONMIX Sailor Moon dance mix Kenyu Hoshino  
NA-ATTCK Scout Attack and Transformation ?  
ONLYLOVE My Only Love Andre Boule  
ONLYLOV2 My Only Love Benny Fuentes  
ONLYLOV3 My Only Love Benny Fuentes Bomi Lee
ONLYLOV5 My Only Love ?  
SM-010 My Only Love Bomi Lee ?
SM1 Moon Prism Power! Bomi Lee  
SM10 An occasional "episode ender" Bomi Lee  
SM11 Alan's Flute Bomi Lee  
SM12 Reeny's BGM Bomi Lee  
SM13 Another one of Reeny's BGM Bomi Lee  
SM14 Title Screen BGM Bomi Lee  
SM15 Sailor Moon BGM Bomi Lee  
SM16 Tuxedo Mask appearance theme Bomi Lee  
SM17 Old Negaverse BGM Bomi Lee  
SM18 Narration BGM Bomi Lee  
SM19 Melvin's BGM Bomi Lee  
SM2 Moon Tiara Magic! / Moon Sceptre, Elimination! Bomi Lee  
SM20 Serena and Molly attempt to sing in So You Wanna Be a Super Star Bomi Lee  
SM3 Scout Transformation Bomi Lee  
SM4 Tuxedo Mask slow song Bomi Lee  
SM5 Moon Healing, Activiation! Bomi Lee  
SM6 Sad Sailor Moon Theme Bomi Lee  
SM7 Sailor Moon appearance theme Bomi Lee  
SM8 Jazzy Ending Bomi Lee  
SM9 Sailor Moon's Locket Bomi Lee  
SMOON Intro Bomi Lee  
SMTHEME Intro Bomi Lee  
SM_AND It's a New Day Bomi Lee  
SM_CMN Call My Name (and I'll be There) Bomi Lee  
SM_GMTS Carry On Bomi Lee  
SM_IWBAS I Wanna Be A Star! Bomi Lee  
SM_MOL My Only Love Bomi Lee  
SM_OSN Oh Starry Night Bomi Lee  
SM_RDM Rainy Day Man Bomi Lee  
SM_SGTP She's Got the Power Bomi Lee  
SM_THEME Intro ?  
SM_WYMM Only A Memory Away Bomi Lee