Looking for a place to hang out? Want to learn more about Computer Science at Cal? We're open to all students interested in computer science and wanting to study with chill people.
Come visit us in our social lounge at 311 Soda (at entrance) or use our study lounge in 343 Soda (inside).
We have many exciting events throughout the semester: hackathons, info sessions, social parties, and gaming nights.
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The L&S CS advisor is Christopher Hunn, whom you can contact at cthunn@eecs.berkeley.edu or visit at 377 Soda.
Learn more about the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science department in UC Berkeley's College of Engineering.
The CoE EECS advisors are Dahlia Case at dahliacase@eecs.berkeley.edu and Jo Bullock at jbullock@eecs.berkeley.edu. Their office is located at 205 Cory.
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Upcoming Events
Saturday, April 26, 2014. 12 PM. Woz.
You are invited to Computer Science Undergraduate Association's Alumni Barbecue. We're starting the grill at noon, and it'll go on to around 4pm (maybe later) in the Wozniak Lounge. This is an exciting chance to socialize with our predecessors and find out what CSUA alumni are doing out in the world. It'll be a chill afternoon of board games, tale-telling, and more!